Last Week with JADE: Week of the RPGs

Every week at JADE is full different games, ideas and discussions about what's happening around the table. I normally email the other three guys about this stuff, keeping everyone in the loop, but upon recommendation of my fiancé (See How to Win your Fiancé with Magic Cards) I thought that I would share some of these thoughts and on goings with the world.... Here we go!

Since around the second week of July, JADE started hosting two game days a week. We now have a little game that floats around during the week depending on when everyone is free (usually Wednesday) and a long game on Sunday. It has made everyone's schedules a lot more flexible and has increased attendance from the lag that we had earlier this year. It has also increased the number of games being played!

The entire rules on one page.
On Wednesday of last week we were supposed to be finishing up Interstellar Exports by playing the final game in the series, Game 10. But sadly, not everyone was able to make it! So instead we experimented with a set of rules I found on 1d4chan, called Simple d6. Check it out here:

It is a fantastic one page set of rules for throwing down a quick game with enough depth to keep even an experienced RPG'er interested, while being fast enough that you are not spending the entire time creating characters. I hope to have a review it as well as quick description of the 18th century pirates game we threw down using the rules!

For our Sunday Game Day we tried out my new D&D 3.5 Dragonlance material! For those following us on Twitter and Instagram you have seen the new books and module I got for hosting Dragonlance Campaigns. Well, after describing the world to the guys, they couldn't help bt give it a try.

Our first party consisted of a Silvanesti Elf (Jeff), a mercenary Minotaur (JADE Guest Sean) and a Centaur (Dave). Just to get a taste of the setting, I hosted the game and had them wander through the occupied town of Solace during the War of the Lance period. They battle some Draconians, and managed to leave with enough food to last the week before escaping to the South East towards the woods of the Qualinesti Elves.

There is some talk of continuing with party if we choose to do Dragonlance as JADE's main campaign (currently Interstellar Exports) in which case I will do a write up of our adventure for you all to enjoy!

This week marks the beginning of JADE's guest month! Once a year we open up the tables to some GM's outside of JADE and let them host a game for us! This year's guest month kicks off with Sarah's D20 Modern Campaign: Escape Dino Island! We are picking up with the second game of the campaign, and hopefully I can get the first game write up on the blog before the next game this Wednesday!

We had a really RPG heavy last week, and this week is looking like more of the same. It is going to be a good week! I will check in with you next monday.

And as always, Happy Gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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