Last Week With JADE: All Work and No Play

We had a fairly slow week here at JADE last week. With Elijah way on a business trip for the week, and Dave going camping for the weekend, we only had time for a single game.

So  we continued with JADE's Guest Month and had an old friend of ours, Tom, host a single page RPG game I found called We Are All Going to Die. You can check the system as well as a short description of how our game went on the blog.

It was a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone looking to GM a short game with a large group.
It can be tough being a GM.

But other then that game and some behind the scenes stuff working on the Blog and JADE's upcoming Character of the Day Dice, it was a pretty slow week.

I guess they can't all be full of fun and games!

This week we play the final game of JADE's Guest month, featuring Adam's new campaign: The Order. It will use the Simple D6 Rules, which you can also read about on the blog. 

In The Order, we play as the remains of an Order of Knights who suffered the same fate as our own Knights Templar.n  As the remaining survivors, it is up to us to rebuild the Order, and avoid the same fate the befell most of our brothers and sisters.

It is going to be great!

The Order Campaign is going down on Thursday, and this Sunday we are going to try out Mage Knight for the very first time! Should be a great week!

Happy Gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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