Fritz the Mercenary

For JADE's D20 Modern Campaign, Escape Dino Island, both Dave and I play mercenaries hired to recover the abandoned hard drives containing the secret to cloning dinosaurs. Needless to say we needed to look badass.

Dave's character goes only by Fritz, and is deadly with an assault rifle. He and his comrade Jeremiah, have been on a few missions together taking them all over the world. Their most recent deployment before Dino Island was North Korea, but they can't talk about the specifics.

Fritz and Jeremiah are both deeply christian people, and often share their thoughts on different passages from the bible while they camp out on their missions.

This particular mini is from RAFM's Charlie Company miniatures, which is a 20mm Vietnam tabletop war game. Fritz is actually the first 20mm miniature I ever painted. It is a strange scale, but we had some trouble finding suitable minis for our rugged party in 28mm, amd these guys fit the ticket.

Switching to 20mm also had the added advantage of making our dinosaur miniatures considerably larger, and that much more impressive.

The rest of the party will soon be along the way as well as the adventure in Escape Dino Island game 1

Written By: Andrew Gregory

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