Kaila's Wizard

It has been a while since my fiancé Kaila painted a miniature, so of course when she did, she did an incredible job!

This is the final of three resin minis that Dave gave me for my birthday more then two years years, and is from Reaper Miniatures Resin Line. Cheap and light weight, resin minis are a great way to get the minis you need for cheap.

Kaila gave this wizard a very classic Gandalf feel. You know: long ageing beard, grey clothing, and a funny hat. I think it fits the tone of the mini quite well, as it seems as though it was supposed to be painted this way.

We really needed a good generic wizard mini to! Our current one is hilariously in a constant state of casting a fireball which doesn't quite work in every circumstance. So this guy I am sure will pop up in dozens of our games as either a villian or an ally.

Come to think of it he would also work well as Fizban for JADE's upcoming Dragonlance Campaign. Things to think about.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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