Campaign Creator Now Has Themes!

Lately we have been working hard to make Campaign Creator look a little nicer and give your games the right feel. Since given the variety of different RPGs people play, we knew that one layout wouldn't do the trick. So we came up with a set of themes to choose from that will spice up the screen a little bit, and fit the Creator to your game's setting.

The default skin is a classic cobblestone, that will fit almost any western medieval setting. When you set up a campaign, you will be able to select from a list of different themes. We currently have Stone, Sci-Fi, Bamboo, Horror, Turkish Rug, Steam Punk, and Concrete.

Sci-Fi is a dark blue, borg-like pattern to fit the far future setting.

Bamboo uses a thin pattern of bamboo rods, almost making it look like a dinner place mat.

Turkish Rug
Turkish rug, uses the sort of pattern one would see on the beautiful rugs from Turkey and the surrounding area.

Horror, is a disgusting green slime. Perfect for those moments of discomfort.

Steampunk is a series of brass and silver gears on a black spread. We are still tinkering with ideas for this one.

And for those modern settings, Concrete gives a dark grey tiling reminiscent of the modern metropolis.

The Theme will change as you scroll through your campaigns on the main page, and cover all the screens and pop ups in the campaign editing section. I found that it added to my level of immersion when writing my campaign, I hope you all like it to!

You can get your free copy of Campaign Creator with the new themes feature here:

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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