Which Alignment is the Most Difficult to Play?

Alignments are perhaps the most debating thing in D&D. Whether it is over interpreting if your character's actions fit their alignment or an argument about which fictional character would fit what alignment, the debates are sure to happen.

But what is the hardest alignment to actually play?

This of course will vary from player to player. Every gamer and group is a little different, and tolerates different behaviour from their parties and that. Such variety bound to give a wide array of alignment preferences, whether you choose evil, good, or simple profiteering, who you play with is going to (at least to some extent) effect your alignment.

For me, the most difficult Alignment to play is Neutral Evil. This is a bit fo a strange choice for me since we at JADE regularly fall victim to the evil tendencies of our characters. However I find that Neutral Evil, is a little too vague. It seems like you are almost intentionally holding back how evil you are for the sake of neutrality.

Here is an excerpt from the 3.5 player's handbook:

So I am supposed to be casually evil? or hold up evil as an ideal? It seems a very weak motivation to do anything. The sort of motivation that a cheesy 80's action villain would have. You can imagine them telling the hero as the laugh manically that they would be willing to kill anyone and everyone for enough money... Which to me seems pretty damn chaotic. I mean you are all powerful and your best idea is to basically mug people?

I find the only I can play something evil is to either dominate or destroy. So I always end up drifting into the realm Chaotic, or Lawful Evil as I attempt to either take control of a town or burn it to the ground. I find Neutral Evil has too vague a description to really be a playable alignment for any evil character. It is like you have to be evil... But not too evil?

Either way, it is not for me.

Let me know what Alignment do you have trouble playing, or that you just don't think is necessary!

Written by: Andrew Gregory.

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