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The character sheets from Mongoose Publishing's Reprint of the Traveller RPG are quite basic. It is a single sided page with stats, skills, a tiny inventory, and a section for armour and weapons. After a few games, myself and the other guys at JADE found that the standard character sheets were simply not up to the task of travelling the stars.

To begin with, all damage in Traveller is Stats Damage, and with only one box for dealing with each stat it meant that during every battle the stats area became a complete mess of eraser marks and notes on new stats, etc.

The second problem was that the weapons section lacked two pieces of information that you very much need to use your weapon effectively; mainly their auto rating and total ammo remaining.

The final problem was that the sheet lacked a distinct notes area. Sure you can write things on the blank back of your page, but that looks messy.

So to address this issue I threw the Mongoose Traveller Character sheet into Gimp and made my own changes to make the sheet more functional.

First, I split the stat boxes in two, giving a spot for the original stat, and a spot where you can record any damage you have taken. I also extended the "mod" line underneath of each stat to give more you room for writing the new total from your stat. Secondly, I have added a section for the Auto Rating of your weapon and a place to record your max and current ammo close to the end of the line. And Finally using a notes section from a 2nd edtion character sheet I have, I added a proper notes section to the back, giving a formal and attractive place to record all those titbits of information.

I find that these small modifications make the character sheets that much more effective and easier to use!

To use JADE's character sheet for yourself, just expand and save the two images to your computer!  I hope you find them a considerable improvement.

Written: by Andrew Gregory

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