Sarah's Compsognathi (Compys)

About one month a year, JADE opens its table top to a few guest Game Masters. We do this so the boys at JADE have a chance to all play on the same team, to keep our gaming fresh with new ideas, and because we had a lot of friends who were interested in hosting a game!

One of JADE's favourite Guest Month games is Escape Dino Island. A re-imagining of Jurassic Park... That isn't full of plot holes. This campaign was created by regular JADE Guest Sarah, and of course she had to get some dinosaur minis to make it feel just right!

These Compys are from The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company (HLBSC) and make for a perfect low level first encounter. They were in fact the first creatures to assault our party while stranded on the island.

Despite their small stature, the Compys where quite a nuisance to deal with. They wasted our dwindling supplies of ammunition and of course gave my character a very nasty bite on his leg.

Thanks for painting this up for the group Sarah! I am sure we will encounter these annoying little bastards again soon.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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