Necron Annihilation Barge

7/14/2020 02:05:00 pm
With the latest Psychic Awakening book out from Game Workshop I am going to have to rethink exactly how my Necron force is going to work. Bu...
Necron Annihilation Barge Necron Annihilation Barge Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 7/14/2020 02:05:00 pm Rating: 5

JADE's Basement Flooded!

1/28/2020 01:05:00 pm
So JADE has been a little quiet lately and I wanted to let everyone know why. As anyone who follows us knows since I moved up North from...
JADE's Basement Flooded! JADE's Basement Flooded! Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 1/28/2020 01:05:00 pm Rating: 5