Hammerhead Xenomorphs

Since Khurasan Miniatures made three variants of their "Demonic Alien" line, I had to get the full set. The final variation I was missing were the hammerheads.
While not being from any one of the Alien Quadrilogy films, perhaps these shark inspired xenomorphs will serve as a stand in for the the Jaws-Alien crossover film we have all been dreaming of... Or is that just me?

With these 12 extra xenomorphs, it brings my total to 36. A healthy number for the party in JADE's Traveller Campaign Interstellar Exports to battle against.

As well, as I mentioned in the last Xenomorph Post, It also allows me to host the "Mining Station Sigma 9" in the 2nd edition of Donald Featherstone's Skirmish Wargaming. I have been looking forward to trying that scenario our for some time, so it will be a real treat to actually get it down on the table, and with a full set of 15mm minis.

Now that I have three different variants, I feel that I really do need to figure out different stats for each type of xenomorph that the guys will encounter in Interstellar Exports. Nothing too drastic, maybe just different hit points, and a different special ability or two.

Either way, they will make a fantastic edition to the horde of aliens currently sitting on my shelf, and I can't wait to see them in game!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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