The Maps of Interstellar Exports Part VIII

System 0509

After picking up Charlie Watt from the hospital on Voodar II in System 0708, the crew of the S.S. Hornby jumped to a point along the Outer Rim Shipping Lanes. They ended up in System 0509: The Feenar System. The Feenar System read as almost uninhabited; featuring a J Class Planet (Gas Giant) and a Class L PLanet (Habitable with Pressure Domes).

Feenar I
A scan of Feenar I revealed only an ageing low yield Astrodyanide mine. Nothing of particular interest, but then again sensors have been known to lie. Despite this, Dry and his crew felt there was nothing of interest here and paid it no mind; heading toward the 2nd planet in the system. If the crew had stopped to investigate, they would have discovered things weren't quite what it appeared....

Feenar II
Feenar II had large amounts of Astrodyanide in the atmosphere, but no mining operations. It would seem that ships used this area to scoop fuel for the next jump, free of charge. Well, Captain Dry and his crew did just that, before leaving the system and finally heading towards system 0207.

Next time we will explore the distant Chalandra System, and see some of the strange delights that it holds!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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