15mm Goblins 1

For my first 15mm fantasy monster, I decided to go with something a little bit more utilitarian than some of my stranger creatures. Goblins are one of the more classic monsters in the game and they make for a wonderful low level foe.

These guys come from 15mm Co, and you get 16 for about $10. Great deal, and about as many as you need.

I regularly use goblins at the start of my campaigns. I think they are a good lower level monster as they can easily be tied to something larger, or left behind in the journey as nothing more than a local phenomena. And that is exactly how we used these guys.

In the recent Hymns of a Vagabond campaign, three of these creature made up my first encounter, that myself and two others defeated: taking only light wounds. The only problem with using goblins in campaigns, is that the higher level your players get, the more of them you will want, and at basically any other scale the cost of it makes it impossible.  Thankfully 15mm is nice and cheap.

After painting these guys, I am not totally sold on them as my go to goblins. so I may end up looking else where. It is not that they are low quality or anything, but rather they just seem a little tall for goblins. Perhaps they would be better as Hobgoblins?

I am sure we will see these guys on the table again and again, and in greater numbers as I paint the remaining 12!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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