Sarah's Raptors

Since that faithful June day in 1993, Raptors have been a staple dinosaur in just about every attempt at portraying the beasts. And why not! Jurassic Park showed us that they could be fast, smart, deadly, and really cool! The sort of monster that haunts your dreams. The kind that player party's hate to encounter. So obviously JADE guest GM Sarah's, Escape Dino Island had to include these ferocious beasts.

These particular Raptors come from The Honourable Lead Boiler Dive Suit Company where they have a wide variety of 28mm dinosaurs. Sarah had originally painted these creatures with stripes, but decided in the end that she didn't like it.

So she simplified the paint scheme making them one colour, with a dry brushed coat to accentuate the contours and details. I quite like how it turned out.

We have yet to encounter these beasts in game, but rumour has it that we are creeping closer and closer to their territory. I am certain we will have to contend with these beasts before the next game is over.

Honestly as cool as these Raptors are... I am not looking forward to our first encounter.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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