The Map from Escape Dino Island

Being the editor for JADE Gaming News means that I get to see a lot of insider information on the campaigns being hosted around the table. This particular map is JADE Guest GM Sarah's Master-Map for her D20 Modern campaign Escape Dino Island (Check the first game here).

It colour codes all of the dinosaurs that can be found in each area, as well as the location of some items that aren't on the map we were given. Now of course being a player in this game, I have to make sure that my Player-Knowledge and my Character-Knowledge don't intermingle. So as useful as the knowledge on this map would have been for my character in Escape Dino Island Game 2, I decided to put it out of my mind and use the simpler map (that Sarah gave each player) as my only references.

I was the only who managed to keep their map after the crash.
Thankfully Jeff's character had a working pen allowing me to denote the location of of our camps and a car we found, But notice our map is missing a decent amount of information, particularly the territories of each dinosaur, meaning we stumbled into each area blind.

Giving your players an incomplete map is a great way to have them feel confident enough to explore, while still leaving room for surprises! And these two maps are an excellent example!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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