Jeremiah Joseph the Mercenary

My player character for Escape Dino Island, is the mercenary Jeremiah Joseph. He and his business partner Fritz, were employed by Ben Woo to recover hard drives from his tsunami destroyed and dinosaur infested genetics research facility in the pacific. It was a desperate move for Ben Woo. As one of the primary investors in the project, he stood to go bankrupt if the valuable research could not be recovered.


It was supposed to be a routine mission: drop in, get the files, and get out. What they hadn't planned for was a catastrophic failure of their transport aircraft, which killed most of the mercenaries, leaving only Jeremiah, his friend Fritz, a Doctor and one of Ben Woo's "Fixer" Lawyers stranded on the dinosaur infested island, with only minimal supplies.

Jeremiah is also a deeply Christian man just like his comrade Fritz, and never goes on assignment with a the bible covering his heart. He also never goes into battle with out his trusted automatic shot gun, hopefully he can find some rounds for it.

In escape Dino Island, Jeremiah was bitten by a Compy, leaving him with a nasty wound on his leg. Ignoring the pain will only works for so long. What he really needs is a med-kit. Let us pray for a merciful GM.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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