Last Week With JADE: Dinosaurs and Board Games! Oh my!

Last week we kicked off JADE's Guest DM month with Sarah hosting the second game of her D20 Modern campaign: Escape Dino Island. The game itself was fantastic! Sarah was able to perfectly capture the feeling of danger and distress as we explored the Dinosaur riddled jungle.

The game ended with an encounter with a a nest of raptors that almost almost finished us. Thankfully we narrowly escaped with our lives and were able to retreat to a safe position for the night.  It was a great game and the guys at JADE are talking about inviting Sarah back to finish the game off before next year's guest month!

Escape Dino Island Game 1 is available on the blog, I hope to get Escape Dino Island Game 2 up as soon as possible!

They get you every time.
Not only did we have a great game of D20 Modern, We also played and checked out a bunch board games. I personally played three rounds of scrabble (and oldy but a goody), an old British pub game called Shove Ha'penny and a round of Carnival.

We also have been stocking up on the game titles. Dave has recently gotten into buying pocket games, and has recenly acquired: Dungeon Roll, Carnival, Masquerade, Compounded, Coup... and I am probably missing a couple there. We have played Dungeon Roll and Carnival, and found both to be simple and fun game. I would recommend them to any casual gamer.

Building a theme park is always fun.
Dave and I also made the pilgrimage over to Toronto's 401 Games to see their selection and ended up buying another two games. I got the amazingly retro looking Battle At Kemble's Cascade.

It is apparently like an Arcade Game
And Dave snagged an awesome piece of Victorian Sci-Fi: Onward to Venus.

Has any one read the graphic novel this is based on?
I can't wait to check out both of these games, they are sure to be a hit around the table!

This week we are playing an interesting single page RPG I found online called "We Are All Going To Die." In this game only one of us will survive, but only the GM knows who. This week's Guest GM is Tom and he is setting up a bank robbery for us to try and make it out alive of.

I will let you know how this game goes, along with the review of the system soon!

And as Always, Happy Gaming.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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