Dr. Bartholomew Smith

Doctor Bartholomew "Barty" Smith used to work as a private field medic, but had since retired. When Ben Woo offered him a job, he was at first reluctant, but every man has his price. The size of the pay check alone meant only a fool would have said no.

It was supposed to be a routine mission: he was only their as a contingency, and they didn't expect anything to go wrong. So of course, when the plane went down over the ocean by the island he was caught unprepared.

With only a pistol to defend himself, two scary mercenaries, and a useless lawyer, Barty found himself in a nasty spot. Thankfully some of his medical gear survived the crash, so he could at least tend tot group's wounds.

This mini is from Elhiem Figures and is actually one of their police figures. I had a hard time finding a suitable medic that wasn't decked to the nines in army gear. So I figured that this police mini with his pistol and small amount of gear worked well for the part... So long as I painted him green

So there was no mistake as to his occupation, I also made sure that he had two large medical patches. One on his back, and the other covering up the police badge on his front. Having a medic on team will definitely be an asset.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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