Sarah's Tyrannosaurus Rex

A staple of books, movies and museums since its naming in 1905, The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the type of beast that is almost beyond belief. A giant monster, the type of which are only written about in story books. Any tale about dinosaurs would feel woefully incomplete with a visit from a giant carnivor: the most terrifying blast from the past.

This T-Rex comes from the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company. It comes in several pieces, and you will need sand paper and a sharp knife to fit this pewter/resin model together.

JADE Guest GM Sarah purchased this creature with the intention of it being an encounter for later on in her campaign: perhaps after we had a chance to level up a bit. But of course at JADE things almost never go according to the GM's plan.

Sarah had expected us to futz around a bit in the first game, and argue more about what we were going to do. But instead with military efficiency we proceeded with the mission, adding "discovering a way off the island" to our list of objectives.

Now, since we were not fools, we did not try to fight this creature when we encountered it. Rather hid in the woods until the creature passed by. Sadly, not before it sprayed the area with its scent glands...

As you can see, this mini is quite a bit larger than your average T-rex, at elast compared to a 20mm figure. However, we figured it would only add to the suspense and cinematic quality of the fight scenes!

Thanks for painting this guy Sarah! And you can all Look forward to reading Escape Dino Island Game 1 on the blog soon!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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