How to Win Your Fiancée with Magic Cards

Get the special geek in your life to say yes!
Even before my partner Kaila and I began dating, I had introduced her to magic cards. Right away she enjoyed the game, and as we spent more time together and our relationship grew, she came to love it even more.

Well, after dating for almost 10 years, I finally popped the question. But of course being part of JADE gaming, I had to do it in style. I decided about a year or two ago that I was going to make custom Magic Cards that Spell out "Kaila Will You Marry Me?" in their titles and figure out some method of delivery.

Now, I didn't want these cards to be dummy cards, I wanted them to be actually usable cards: I thought it would add to the "magic" of them.

So I spent the next couple of months figuring out what each card would do. That was the easy part. The hard part was finding the art for them. I am not much of an artist, so I opted to use photos and a couple of things from the internet to represent the more abstract words in the sentence.

And here they are:

First Card.
Kaila's favourite colour in magic is Green. So I made her a green creature, that produces 1/1 quilt creatures, to show her love of quilting.

Second Card
"Will" was a little more abstracted, so I just googled will and took an image. Kaila likes removing things from the board and life gain, so this card does both.

Third Card
Kaila is a huge Doctor Who fan, so I had to include at least one image of the doctor and her favourite Doctor Who Icon the Tardis. Of course being a card about Doctor Who it had to have some time based effects.

Fourth Card
Like "Will", "Marry" was also a little abstract, so I played around with the rules and used a google image. Went for a little romantic image there (and cheese).

Fifth Card
For "Me" I used Kaila's favourite picture of me that we took on our trip to Chicago a few years ago. I thought it was a fitting face for a Horror.

Sixth Card
Perhaps Kaila's favourite card, (and mine to) is a bit of whimsy, that let me include an artifact in the set, and give her all 6 of the card colours.

With my cards created I was ready to ask!

I had planned to work them into a deck and then smoothly pull them out during game, but I couldn't get the combo to go off reliably enough, and I didn't want to spoil it. So in the end i just gave them to her.

Even though we had been together a really long time, and we had even picked out the ring together, I was still really nervous. What if she thought it dumb?
My face.
She loved it! And she said yes!

I love you Kaila Wilfert and I am looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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