15mm Female Barbarian

This mini from Khurasan Miniatures is fantastic example of how to do standard characters a little differently. Her fur attire clearly denotes her as being a barbarian, but rather than the usual axe/sword she wields a spear and shield, with what I am sure is the same ferocity.

For her fur clothes I wanted to make it look like she had skinned a wolf to make them, rather then my usual brown bear skin I make most fur I paint. I am really pleased with the result. I did it by doing dry brushed layers of greys, light browns and white.

Her eyes look a little better from a distance then from close up, but I am still pleased with their shapes. I am getting better at working with this scale.

I painted this barbarian with the idea that I could encounter her in a nearby crabbing village in My Cousin's campaign: Hymns of a Vagabond. Sadly I died before that happened, so perhaps my next character will get to meet her.

What ever she ends up getting used for I am sure that she will grace the table with luck and skill.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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