Last Week With JADE: Knightly RPGs and Board Games Galore!

On Thursday last week we finished up JADE's Guest Month by having Guest GM Adam host a round of Simple D6 for us. He created a scenario where we were the remains of an order of knights that suffered the same fate as the Knights Templar.

Our ragged group of nine members fled to an abandoned outpost of the order in the hopes of restarting their life their and continuing the order's business in secret. We encountered bandits, and each suffered from the low morale of having our friends and lives taken away from us. It was a great game and the roleplay was absolutely fantastic! The in depth and diverse back stories of our characters really made the game come to life, to a point where we were even having several separate conversations around the dinner table in game!

Thanks Adam, we look forward to continuing the adventure!

Sweet, Sweet Knights.
On Monday I had the opportunity to play a game of Magic The Gathering over Skype with JADE Guest Tom. He and his game group up North have really gotten into magic cards and it was a great opportunity to show off some of my decks, and talk cards.

Throughout the week, JADE also played a bunch of board games! Dave recently acquired Terra Mystica, Relic Expedition, 3 Cheers for Master, and some expansions to Dungeon Roll. I myself purchased Star Trek Attack Wing, and a small two player game called Tides of Time.

Over the weekend we played four rounds of Relic Expedition, three rounds of Dungeon roll, and two games of Tides of Time. Excellent and fun games that I would recommend to anyone!

Like Indian Jones meets Carcassonne
This week we are playing a friendly magic card tournament with a couple of friends.

After that, we need to we plan out JADE's fall gaming season and figure out when we can finish Interstellar Exports!

Should be another great week! Happy Gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
Last Week With JADE: Knightly RPGs and Board Games Galore! Last Week With JADE: Knightly RPGs and Board Games Galore! Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 8/31/2015 11:26:00 am Rating: 5

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