More Xenomorphs!

After my first batch of Khurasan Miniature's Demonic Aliens, I had to get more. They are the perfect minis for the mysterious crashed vessel that crew of the Hornby found in Interstellar Exports Game 9, and They will also work in for the far future scenario in my 2008 copy of Donald Featherstone's Skirmish Wargaming. Which I hope to have a game of later this year!

Also, who doesn't love the Alien quadrilogy that these 15mm minis are clearly based on!

Since these guys have different heads then the first round I painted, I decided to give them a slightly different paint scheme. This time I used a light iridescent blue wash to give them a dark but slightly shimmer effect. I really like how it turned out!

Of course the main reason I got more of these guys was that my previous 12 were simply not enough to have a proper alien infestation. I really needed around 30 to make a scenario where my players and their newly acquired battlesuits were actually threatened.

Their first encounter with these creatures only required 12, just a taste, but they will soon see just how infested this wrecked vessel truly is.

Now I am not sure if the blue xenomoprhs are going to be any different than their grey cousins, but perhaps I will come up with new abilities for them, beyond acid blood and razor sharp claws.

I look forward to seeing how the Crew of the Hornby handles these beasts as they flood through doors, portholes, all bent on ripping them apart!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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