Custom 1st Edition AD&D Character Sheet

At JADE we like our character sheets to be as comprehensive as possible and I have spent many hours searching the web for a suitable sheet that covers everything. Not just the basic stuff. I wanted to go into the advanced rules. I wanted to a place to record all of my info.

After scouring the web I found the sheet above, which came pretty close to having all I needed, but it was still missing some important information.

So I needed to make a few modifications. I first added a "weight carry" to the strength stat to the main page for a quick reference without the need to trun the apge over. I then removed the Psionic section at the bottom. I personally never use those rules so it was just wasted space. Using the room it freed up I added a larger special abilities page, a section to list your Non-Weapons Proficiencies, a section for honour and finally a spot for comeliness. Essentially I added place to record all of the advanced rules that you need to keep track of.

I find it a much more useful sheet then the standard sheet, and I highly recommend using it!

There are two other pages to the sheet as well, that I did not change, but you can of course get them here none the less!

I hope you like these sheets! If you would like to use them for yourself, save them to your desktop and enjoy!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

Custom 1st Edition AD&D Character Sheet Custom 1st Edition AD&D Character Sheet Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 11/19/2015 01:30:00 am Rating: 5


  1. Thanks. I really LOVE the sheet but it loses quality when blown up to print size.

  2. Hey friend, any chance on a higher quality pic?

  3. Picture isnt high enough quality to print.
    any chance of a higher quality one

  4. Hmmm I will see if can upload a higher res one when I get a chance!