15mm Knight

For anyone who has followed my miniatures painting over the years, you will know that I have a thing for Knights. Ever since I was a little kid, I have loved the idea of a daring knight; wielding a sword and shield, clad in shining armour and a flowing red cape.

So, when I while changing my fantasy RPG minis over to 15mm, I had to have one. Luckily, Khurasan Miniatures produces this absolutely incredible 15mm Knight. They really do make the best 15mm stuff.

I wanted to train my skill on the 15mm scale before getting to painting this guy, and I am really pleased with the result. I used 3 different colours of red to get that flowing feel on the cape.

This figure will undoubtedly take the place of Lord Alex in the next run of the Impossible Campaign. Where one player takes the role of Lord of the land as they and a small company explore a forsaken village!

This guy is easily one of my favourite minis so far, and the guys agree! They all want to have a turn playing him!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
15mm Knight 15mm Knight Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 11/11/2015 02:37:00 pm Rating: 5

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