Canvas Eagles Bombing Targets

Canvas Eagles is not only about dog-fighting, it is also about bombing missions, balloon busting and scouting. So when we want to do a bombing mission, or some scouting we need to have good targets, that make the fight seem all the more real. So I created these 8 targets to spruce up our games.

My first set of tanks were German A7Vs.

This one I painted a long time ago compared to the one above!

For my British tanks, I chose a heavy tank and a light one which is featured in front. This is a British Whippet, which was essentially a mobile machine gun position.

Of course the British Mark V the original tank, and one heavy beast on the field.

The French Renault FT17 seem absolutely tiny compared to the other war machines of the day, but what it lacked in fire power and armour it made up for in speed. They were fast, and could be armed with a machine gun or a 20mm cannon.

The French Saint-Chamond was France's second heavy tank, that suffered from numerous problems on the battlefield. The most common of which was getting stuck.

And of course what battlefield bombing mission would be complete without bunkers! Those pesky fortified positions that are the bane of troop movements.

Those are just the start of my targets, I have a few more on the way from more tanks, to infantry and anti-aircraft positions.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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