2nd Ed Barbarian and Shaman Character Sheet

After looking over the Ranger Character sheet from the Complete Ranger's handbook, i decided that I want a digital copy of every Complete Character sheet I could get my hands on. I also wanted to share these digital copies with you guys so that everyone could have their own copy available!

There are two character sheets in the Complete Barbarian's Handbook, one for Barbarians and one for Shamans.

It is a pretty straight forward sheet, with a strong focus on your weapons choices.

The Shaman's sheet has much of the same focus, but also adds a large section for dealing with superstitions.

I also think the Barbarian's generic character sheet is pretty awesome. Having a place to record rations is really useful. Especially if your DM (like Myself) enforces that sort of thing.

Hope you enjoy these sheets and that they brighten up your 2nd Edition Games.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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