Italian Spad XIII

I have had this strange idea of late to create a small squadron of Italian Aircraft for Canvas Eagles. So while I was looking through my old Canvas Eagles minis and found this Spad XIII from CinC miniatures what else could I do but paint it!

I went for a very classic style on this Spad XIII, giving it canvas coloured wings, and a dark brown body. It matches the design of a plane I found using a google search and I think it looks quite classy.

The Spad XIII was of course a French plane, but was widely exported at the end of the war and remained France's predominant fighter from it introduction to its final mission. In game they are fast, but lack the manoeuvrability of other later war planes.

I haven't flown this plane before, but I have used a Spad XIII. I can't say I liked it all that much, but then again I have never had that much luck in French planes. Perhaps the Italian Roundels will make the difference!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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