15mm Halfling Theif

For my D&D game last Friday I prepared this 15mm Halfling Thief for one of my players to use as her player character. I modelled the paint job off of her concept. While admittedly she was playing a gnome... At this scale there isn't much of a difference.

The mini itself comes from Khurasan Miniatures, and is part of their 15mm Fantasy line. I really like this halfling, she is just the perfect size! I often find that places make their halflings a little too big, so it is refreshing to see one the right proportions and with high detail.

I gotta say that I am finally getting the eyes down at this scale. It is still huge (and I mean huge) pain in the ass, but they just look awesome.

Playing small characters as thieves is a such a classic choice, as they often get bonuses to sneak, and their natural size AC modifier makes up for the light armour they are usually forced to wear. All in all a popular choice around this table.

I am hoping to get a couple more of these small folks to fill the my 15mm D&D miniature ranks. But in the mean time, she will have to do.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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