2nd AD&D Ranger Character Sheet

My grizzled old copy of the 2nd Ed AD&D Complete Ranger's Handbook not withstanding, the Complete Handbooks are great resources for any class. They provide you with different ways of playing your character called character kits, new proficiencies, equipment and rules.  All in all a great resource to change how you play the standard characters from the Player's Handbook.

I have used these books many times before, but there is one resource form them I have never explored... Until now.

Page 1
At the back of each Complete Handbook, is a specialized class Character sheet. While making characters last night, Elijah and I came upon this sheet and figured that we would give it a go while creating his Ranger for Jeff's upcoming campaign.

Page 2
It is set up a little differently from your standard character sheet, particularly in regards to the stats. Many of the standard modifiers (like STR To Hit and DMG modifiers) are not by the stat themselves but distributed around the sheet based on what they are used for. So your To Hit a DMG modifiers are actually kept with the rest of your combat modifiers.

Page 3
It took some time to get used to how the sheet worked, but we were quite pleased by the time we were done. It just covered every bit of info a ranger needed. One of the biggest advantages to using the sheet is the area for the Move Silently and Hide in Shadows thieving abilities that Rangers get.

Character Kit Page
It is also great if you are using a character kit, as it gives you a full page to record all of your info. This is useful especially if you are using quite a complex kit.

We will let you know how the sheet plays in game, but I think it is pretty neat none the less! If you want to try it for yourself, save the above full sized images and print them off! and let us know what you think!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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