15mm Half-Orc Warrior

For those of you who follow JADE, you have doubtless heard of our Ivershill campaign. Well this year Ivershill got a major rewrite, which debuted during my vacation this summer when we were up at Dave's Cottage for the week.

In that game Brad, who is a friend of ours, played a Half-Orc Warrior named Bleach.

So when I was upgrading my fantasy RPG minis to 15mm, I decided that I would make sure Brad had a mini to use for Bleach. It was a bit of a challenge. You would think that finding a Half-Orc mini with a two-handed sword would be easy... You would be wrong.

The main problem is that there just aren't that many "Half-Orc" minis in this scale, so it makes for some slim picking. Thankfully, Ral Partha Europe has just the minis for the job, and that is where this guy comes from.

This mini comes from Ral Partha Europe's Half-Orcs with two handed weapons pack, and fits Bleach's character perfectly.

And it truly was a pleasure to paint! Well sculpted with high detail.

Brad hasn't had a chance to use this mini as Bleach yet, but I am sure he will get into a game soon.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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