German "Ace" Albatross DVa

CinC miniatures without a doubt, makes some of the finest aerial miniatures available in the 1/285th scale. They don't have the biggest stock, but their planes are of such high quality, they truly are a pleasure to paint.

This particular model is an Albatros DVa. The Albatros series of aircract were some of the first aircraft in the air to feature dual machine guns, making them incredibly deadly in the years of 1916 and 1917.

This particular plane was painted by Jeff back in 2013, however over the years it got a little banged up, and I asked Jeff if I could repaint it for him. He said yes, and away I went, copying his original designs, and of course adding some flourishes of my own.

Jeff's concept when he first painted this plane was to have a black body with white Iron Crosses on, rather than the usual black outlined in white. I thought this was such a cool idea! But instead of doing the later war crosses, I free-handed the early war symbols using only white.

Since Jeff is a huge fan of Zelda, I that that I would give him a little tribute to that by painting a Triforce on the tail. It seemed a simple enough design that a WWI pilot could reasonably have it on their aircraft, while cool enough to give the plane some distinction.

And with that final detail, his plane was done.

After I showed it to him, Jeff absolutely loved it. It was just the right amount of class he was looking, and the kind of special distinction Jeff likes his aircraft to have. Last week Jeff took it up in the air, and scored a couple of red hits in Canvas Eagles, but has yet to get a kill in it. It will come soon I am sure!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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