Last Week with JADE: #Characteroftheday and Heroclix

As I am sure many of you have seen by now on our twitter account (@jadegmaingnews) we have rolled our first #characteroftheday dice you using JADE's very own dice. We finally have them produced and are ready to show them off to the world.

Last week we spent a lot of time preparing things for the dice. There were quality checks to be done on the packaging and dice, advertisements to make, and plans to lay in place. It has been a very exciting time for JADE and I am proud to reveal the very first #characteroftheday rolled on JADE's very own dice:

There will be more news about the dice coming today on the blog and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. Follow along there for details.

And for those curious, the last roll of the old #characteroftheday dice from Chessex was this:

Fairwell old dice. You served us well!
On the games side of JADE there were also some exciting developments! I pleased to say that my cousin Adam and I finally started our epic 1st edition Campaign: Hymns of a Vagabond. In it I take a single level 1 character from a meagre beginning and try as hard as I could to grow them into a great hero of legends; using all of the expanded 1st edition rules. I will give you all an update later in the week of how that game went.

JADE also recently decided to check out DC Comics Heroclix, and just completed our first order:
Too much?
That is of course myself, Dave and Elijah's clix combined, but it does look impressive. We will see how we find the game, I haven't heard the greatest things about the system, but Dave and I really love DC Comics, so I am sure it will be grand!

After gawking at our new minis for a while and packaging a few #characteroftheday dice, we decided we would try out a new game I recently got for my Birthday a month back: Munchkin Conan. Shockingly none of us had ever played Munchkin before. Strange I know with it being such a classic!

We all loved it, and played two rounds with Dave taking the first and myself taking the second. I am looking forward to trying it again with more than 3 people!

The week ahead brings us ever closer to the sale of the dice, and of course closer to the games! This week we have Portal The uncooperative Game of Cake Acquisition, Subbuteo and a game of 1st ed AD&D in Ivershill scheduled. Should be a good week.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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