British DH5

Before I discovered that you can get a ton of 1/285th - 1/300th scale planes on Shapeways, I had an idea that using pieces from some Heroics and Ros planes, I could cobble together a few aircraft that they didn't have minis for. I actually had quite a bit of success doing this, but perhaps no more so than my Airco DH5.

I made this Airco DH5 by modifying a Sopwith Camel mini. It is not quite the right length, but is good enough given the size. The Airco DH5 is unique in that its top wing is set back from the bottom wing, giving it a sort of under bite. It apparently reduced the top speed, but allowed for great turning.

Of course by the time they were introduced they were a little out classed by other aircraft at the time, and were a little slow. So they only saw limited use on the front. But I think they still look pretty cool!

I haven't had a chance to take this guy up in the air yet, but based one what I have seen it will dominate any plane of an equal point level and period.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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