Last Week With JADE: It's All About the Dice

Counting today there are only 5 more days until you can by your very own #characteroftheday dice! They will be available on November 27th from the JADE store on this very blog! They will cost 12.99 and we will be shipping worldwide!

You can get your very own set of these for 12.99!

With all the dice stuff happening so quickly, we haven't had a lot of time for games, but I did manage to play a round of Star Trek Attack Wing with my friend Wesley.

The Kreetcha VS the Hathaway
We decided to do a pairing, the Star Trek the Next Generation episode Peak Performance S02E21. I was in command of the Hathaway ( what with Constellation Classes being my favourite ship) and Wesley took Command of the Kreetcha: the first ship in his plans to create a Ferengi fleet.

It was a great battle! These ships are wonderfully matched, with a slight advantage on the Ferengi side since they have more useful abilities right out of the pack. Despite this handicap, I emerged victorious! Using some fancy flying I was able to back Wesley’s Ferengi marauder into one of the corners, and used by superior firing arc to hold him at a safe distance. In the end my ship took quite a pounding but I was able to take the day! So far it has been my favourite game!

Sorry Subbuteo! You will have to wait.
I had planned on having a Subbuteo tournament last week, but was unfortunately unable to get the board from my parents place. Its size makes it difficult to move around with any more then 1 passenger, and sadly it would not fit in the car this weekend.

That means that the next time I will be able to get it to my place will be after Christmas. So our Subbuteo Tournament will have to wait.

Next Week, Elijah and I are playing our first round of Sails of Glory: his most recently acquired miniatures game. I am really looking forward to it I have heard good things about it, and it will fulfil Elijah's love of Napoleonic Era Sail ships. I will keep you all posted with updates on how the game goes!

This coming Saturday I playing my next round of Hymns of a Vagabond: the First Edition Campaign my Cousin and I have been playing. I will of course be starting my new character... Since my last one died. I am very much looking forward to getting things back on track.

And of course, To say it again (because we are excited and can't say it enough): check back here November 27th and get your very own #characteroftheday dice!

And as always... Happy gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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