2nd Edition Bard Character Sheet

In keeping with posting all of the interesting character sheets from the 2nd Edition Complete Handbooks; we continue bravely through the alphabetical list of character classes to Bards. Bards of course introduce as a playable class for a level 1 character in second edition, and weren't quite what we know them as today. They had thief skills like Climb walls and pickpocket, etc. They could cast a small amount of wizard spells (including the damage dealing kind) starting at level 2. And Bardic Knowledge was a little less powerful. Lets take a look at the sheet.

This is my first time actually looking at this sheet, but it seems pretty standard to what we have come to expect from them. The first page has a large focus on combat. Which makes sense: it is what you will be looking up the most. And given the jack-of-all trades nature of 2nd ed bards, combat won't be far behind them.

The second page is a list of your bardly abilities, including a section to bring the information from your kit onto this easily accessible page. The top is mostly devoted to handling your non-weapon proficiencies, with the bottom covering thieving skills, and spells. And racial abilties? That one seems out of place, but I guess they are grouping it with the rest of your character abilities.

I am not seeing any place to put my weapons proficiencies. But perhaps the ATK/Both/DMG section on the first page is designed to cover that.

The third page has your physical characteristics. I always love this part of the sheets, and was a little sad to see it pushed to the side in 3rd and 4th edition. Nice to see it making a bit more of resurgence in 5th ed. Anyways... here you have a space to record your personality, patron and reputation; underlined by a huge section for equipment. I would prefer a more detailed section for my followers, rather then all the space and info about my patron. But to each their own.

And of course the final sheet gives you all the space you need to properly record the information for your chosen character kit.

Not a bad sheet, but I am not sure it adds all that much to the usual 2nd edition sheet. And mine has a much large place for companions and followers.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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  1. 10% exp bonus should be Dex & Cha, NOT Con as from inside the book

    1. It does seem odd that's for sure! Now, Bard's do have less Charisma based powers in 2nd Ed AD&D. However CHA definitely seem to fit the lass better then CON!