15mm Druid

For last week's round of JADE's 1st ed Campaign Ivershill, Matt decided that for his first go in a tabletop roleplaying game, he would play a Druid.  So after making his character sheet, I sat down and painted this 15mm Druid from Splintered Light Miniatures Warriors of Nature line.

In my first wave of 15mm fantasy miniature purchasing, I did not bother to get any minis for druids. It is just one of those classes that rarely sees action around our table.

It is not that we have any animosity for Druids or anything. It is in fact quite the contrary: Druids can become absolutely powerful characters! It is just that in most of our games a Druid Player Character doesn't fit the setting.

I often find that it can be quite difficult to keep Druid's in the party. The nature of their class tends to lead to a solitary woodland existence, and finding a reason for them to live their beloved woodlands can be difficult.

Since Ivershilll is just a small one-off scenario: an in depth character back story wasn't necessary, and Matt was able to explore the class unabated. Sadly his adventure was cut short when he was killed defending a farm form a ghoul. A noble death to be sure, but no less disheartening.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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