15mm Fancy Bard

Bards come in all shapes and sizes in Dungeons and Dragons, and it is important among your minis to have a good selection so that the figure can fit your player's eccentric character choices.  This particular Bard comes from Splintered Light Miniatures and is part of their 15mm Dungeon Crawl and RPG line.

Splintered Light Miniatures is one of the few producers in the 15mm scale that actually make minis intended for use in table top RPGs. Most other companies produce war games in this scale, and you are forced to cobble together what you need from there. However, Splintered Light Miniatures creates a mini for almost every class out there!

Now that being said, I find the Splintered Light Miniatures, a little smaller and thinner than your average 15mm figure. But honestly at this scale it doesn't really matter the difference in size is negligible, and it all comes down to how you paint it.

I do find doing the eyes on 15mm Splintered Light Miniatures to be somewhat of a challenge, but I am getting much better at it as a result.

With Jeff's reprisal his Elementia Campaign coming up, I am going to revive my bard Cyrano de Bergerac and probably use this mini to represent him... Assuming that we are doing it in 15mm.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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