Last Week With JADE: Get Your #characteroftheday dice!

It is official! The #characteroftheday dice are on sale! get your set here:

They cost $17.25 CAD + $10-15 S&H depending on where you are.

We couldn't be more grateful top the community for making this happen. You guys rock! We will be shipping out orders all week this week, and if you have ordered a set or more, they will be at your door soon!

With all the dice business, we can only hope that we have time for some games this week! On the docket we have another round of Sails of Glory: the pre-painted miniature ship game that Elijah and I played last week!

It is an amazing secret action/movement selection game that perfectly combines the history of the era, with an easy to play game.  Now we only played with one ship each since we were just learning, but I would definitely recommend using at least two ships a side to really get a feel for this game.

All in all a fantastic table top miniatures game and I look forward to playing again!

Last Saturday, I was finally able to continue with my first edition campaign: Hymns of a Vagabond. My last character didn't far so well but my latest one took the scene by storm!

I will do up a more detailed write up for you guys soon!

Dave would also like to remind everyone that we still have an awesome amount of DC Comic's Heroclix, and that we will be playing this game as soon as possible!

Now, I have heard mixed things about this game. So again I will keep you guys posted on my thoughts.... But in the mean time there are dice to ship!

Happy Gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

Last Week With JADE: Get Your #characteroftheday dice! Last Week With JADE: Get Your #characteroftheday dice! Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 12/01/2015 11:04:00 am Rating: 5

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