Nikki's Commissar

The other week, Nikki was feeling like painting something, and since I was moving away from using 28mm figures in my RPG's I didn't really have anything for her to paint. other then my hordes of 15mm guys. Then I remembered that back when I was 16 years old, I started an Imperial Guard (Astra Militarium for newcomers to 40k). I didn't really have any plans for them, so I selected a few figures that she could paint in any colour she wanted.

She selected an old Imperial Commissar and after a quick search on the internet for some examples, she decided on this paint scheme and set to work. I think she did a great job of it.

I think the blue jacket gives him a very regal feel, while still maintaining that intimidating nature that makes an Imperial Commissar.

I really have no idea when I will get to use this guy on the table. My Imperial guard army is truly in shambles, and will take some serious time and coin to bring up to snuff.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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