A Story with #Characteroftheday Dice

For those that missed it last week, for a bit of change of pace I tried to figure out a story based on the Characters that I rolled for day of the week. So here is the story in detail starting with our announcement tweet, that due to technical difficulties on Twitter's end that morning, didn't get seen by too many people.

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Our tale begins with the captain of a royal guard being told the king has been murdered, and it is up to them capture the dastardly assassin.

Next we introduce a scene with the Assassin. Perhaps a famous villain in the land, the story of which is told to the captain by their superior.

The Captain knows their is one person in the land who knows where the lair of the assassin is: a Dwarven Thief in the dungeons. Of course the thief agrees to help in exchange for their release and pardon.

The pair travel the road together until the reach a tavern where Half Elven Bard Sings. Effected by a Geas Spell some years ago the bard has been desperately trying to remove it by preforming a good deed worthy enough of a great hero. Despite the Captain and Thief's insistence that they stay behind, the Bard some how weaselled their way into the party.

Along the road after the tavern, The Captain, the Thief and the Bard encounter a party of Bandits lead by a brutal Half-Orc. There are simply too many for them too handle and they surrender to the Half-Orc. Recognising the captain as a man wanted by the Assassin, the Bandit leader sells them to him in a tense exchange.

After keeping the party in a dungeon for several days, The Assassin decides to test their new apprentice's commitment and orders them to kill the three. Nervously, the Apprentice approaches the helpless party; knife in hand.

The apprentice simply couldn't go through with it. Turning on the Assassin, they killed him and freed the party. Victorious, the Captain, the Thief, the Bard, and the Fighter returned to the Kingdom. The Kings Death had been avenged.

Only question remained. The Assasin only works for hirer. Who could have been evil enough to have plotted regicide? Find out next time when we continue the #characteroftheday dice story.

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Written by: Andrew Gregory

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