Chaos Rhino 315

Almost 15 years ago, I got my very first Chaos Rhino... Which I then proceed to paint absolutely terribly, and we shall never speak of it again. But recently I went back and was able to recover my old Rhino with some spray paint, and turn it from a terrible green Plague Marine Rhino into this Black Legion one. Quite the make over. Just trust me.

Well, I was all ready to go, and I pushed down on the top of the spray paint nozzle... And out splattered a thick fuzzy layer of matt coloured paint. I must have left the paint sitting for too long, and to make things worse, I couldn't get it off. Well, rather then scraping it, I decided to go with it and just let it add to the effect.

To spruce it up a bit, I used some pieces from another Chaos Rhino sprue and some of the etched brass insignia from Forgeworld.

Then, I just followed the colour scheme on the box and toned it down a bit too make it seem as though it had been through some wear.

It was hard to decide what number to use, but after some debate I settled on Rhino 315; for no particular reason. I think I am going to number all of my Black Legion Rhinos like this.

I also added a spike strip to the front. That piece is not actually in the Chaos Rhino sprue and I believe are 6mm Dragons Teeth for Modern Military Miniatures. I love it. It looks gnarly.

I am really quite pleased with how this guy turned out, and as always can't wait to use him in battle!

Written by: Andrew Gregory.

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