Akelius Flint (Rethought)

After the death of my first character in JADE's Hymns of a Vagabond Game 1, I was forced to start again and create a new one, so over the next couple of weeks I sat down and started creating Akelius Flint. Originally I was going to use the same mini that I used for Raiek, but in light of how well Flint did in Game 2, I felt that he needed his own figure.

After some searching, I found this guy who fit my three criteria perfectly: Bearded, Backpacked, and knife wearing. This fellow is from Splintered Light Miniatures and is part of their henchmen collection.

Akelius Flint had a very tumultuous first game that saw him lose his home, his job, the friendship of many in the village. Despite these set backs, Flint did far better than Raiek ever did, slaying multiple enemies on his own.

Now despite the work on this mini, he was only used for 1 game since Flint had a considerable kit upgrade at the end of the adventure that we had not expected. So there Akelius Flint actually has a different mini now that I will put up soon.

Despite not getting to use him very much, I really liked this mini for the first version of Flint.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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