2nd Ed A&D Fighter Character Sheet

With the release of JADE's #characteroftheday dice I haven’t had a lot of time to keep showing off and discussing the specialized Character Sheets from the 2nd AD&D Complete Class Handbooks. The last one we did was the Druid Character Sheet and now we move on to the Complete Fighter's Handbook.

I have to say that the Complete Fighter's Handbook is one of my favourites. I have actually used the rules from this book to create several 2nd ed characters and recommend that you need the same. It covers rules like how to count a shield as a weapon (for proficiency stacking), awesome parrying rules, and much more.

So lets take a look at the character sheet.

Sorry for how faint the page is. But as you can see, the first page of the sheet, covers the basics, with a big focus on your bonuses and proficiencies. It seems the idea here is that you will have access to all the combat modifiers your character has; all on the first page.

I do find it strange though that there is a section for Spells. I guess it is either to handle a bit of multi-classing, or perhaps this sheet is designed to work with Paladins and Rangers as well.

The back of the sheet is almost entirely devoted to inventory. At the top we have a section for weapon's carried, and it is quite a section featuring around 20 lines. Underneath we have a section for equipment with a very interesting line I have never seen on a character sheet before: a line for the purpose/effect of the item you are carrying. I think that is a really interesting feature, though a tad small for some of the more complicated items

Also notice under the equipment section there is an interesting legend for recording where your equipment is kept.

This is a really interesting part of the sheet, and again a first from what I have seen. This page deals entirely with providing you a list of different modifiers that can effect combat. That is actually really useful as a fighter, especially in 2nd ed which (if you are using all the rules) has a ton of modifiers.

Also at the top there is a section for dealing with your Hit Points, and the expanded Hit Point Rules that specify different states at a few hit point levels.

There is another fairly strange sheet in the pack that is for the DM. It lets them keep track of all the characters, and the monsters they have created for the game. This actually a really useful sheet, and the first time I am seeing it. I might actually use this in my games!

It gives you a spot to list the basic info about each character and monster so that you don't have to ask or look it up.

Totally weird that it is included as one of the character sheet pages though.

And of course as with all of these sheets there is a page to record or create your own character kit, with the standard information.

And that is it! I think that is a great sheet for a fighter. It gives you a lot of info you need at your finger tips, and also helps out the DM for some brownie points.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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