Last Week With JADE: The Holidays are Over, Let the Games Begin!

Wow! What a whirl wind of a December we just had! With the release of the dice and the holiday season, we have hardly had any time to sit still. But I am pleased to say that things are starting to return to normal, and we have been getting in some Board Games, Role Playing Games, and working to bring you guys more awesome Game Master dice!

For those looking to get their own set, we still have #characteroftheday dice in stock, but supplies are shrinking fast. But don't worry we are talking to our manufacturer about making more!

After that, we go on to create the 5th edition compatible character dice, so you can bring them into your game!

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Over the holidays we also gained a lot of new gaming stuff from mats to board games. But perhaps none has been more exciting than Mice and Mystics. Long has Dave wanted this gem in his collection and he was lucky enough to be given it as a Christmas present last year.

In Mice and Mystics, you play as loyal servants to the king, who, to escape imprisonment from his treacherous Queen, transform themselves into mice. The setting and simple game mechanics make for a great Boxed RPG Board Game.

Of course, we have already had our first round, which we lost... But we absolutely loved the game and are playing it again tonight!

I was also given a cooperative game, called The Grizzled. I am sure you have heard of it by now, since it stormed the board game scene in November 2015.

In the Grizzled, 2-5 players work to survive the war as a French WWI Soldier. It has great art work, and just amazing game play. I definitely recommend!

Shockingly we won our first round, only to be utterly decimated our second game. But I am sure we will try again!

My older sister also gave me Starfighter, a 2-player card game about battling Star Cruisers. I really like this game, and found the mechanic simple to learn, with some complexity in mastering it. Just the kind of thing you want for a light 30-45min game.

We only managed to get in two games of D&D over the holiday. One of them was Maze of the Minotaur Game 6, the other was a round of JADE's standard 1st ed Campaign Ivershill.

But we have plans this month to launch JADE's next official campaign: Elementia II. It is Jeff’s first time in the DM's seat in almost 2 years, and we are playing it in 2nd Edition. Everyone it pretty excited about it.

We hope to have our first game on January 27th, and I will do some posts about what you can expect.

Talk to you all soon, and as always...

Happy Gaming!

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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