2nd Ed AD&D Paladin Character Sheet

Moving through our 2nd Edition Character Sheet this week brings us to the Paladin's Sheet, which I am pleased to say we have bright copies for you to look at!

So the Paladin character sheet from the Complete Paladins Handbook, is simple 4 page sheet, but of course all the info is tailored to the needs of those brave knights, and baby sitter of parties everywhere: Paladins

The first page of this sheet is pretty standard. Actually aside from the bonded mount, it would almost work with any character. There is of course an emphasis on combat, including a section to keep track of ammo, and all the attacks you are capable of, but a good start over all.

You will also notice about mid level on the sheet on the right hand side there is a small section for some ability changes based on your level as a paladin. Really useful first page. I quite like it.

The second page is devoted to your abilities. You will notice a section for proficiencies, and benefits you have and of course all of your spells. It is not a bad side, but I wish there was a larger area to record all the various abilities paladins get, beyond a "Notes" section.

The third page gives you your physical descriptions and Turn the Undead abilities along with a unique Equipment carried page. I have never see an inventory that specifics whether the object is on your left right or back. But there you have it.

I think that is a really interesting choice for the sheet, and is probably designed to reflect that Paladins are only supposed to keep what they need. They only have equipment sections for specific locations on the body, so that they can have only what they can carry. Pretty interesting design choices there. I love this page.

And of course every page has their own character kit creation and record sheet. Nothing too exciting here.

Pretty neat sheet over all, but I still find a lot of these lack the proper place to record all your character and race abilities.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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