Last Week With JADE: BOARD GAMES!!!

This past week has seen plenty of games going down... But perhaps none more than Mice and Mystics. Since we first played it on the 3rd of January, we have been a little obsessed with the game.

We love the concept, the game play, the art, and the style. All of which are excellently designed!

It took us no less than 7 attempts to beat the first chapter. It was getting very frustrating as for 6 games were just plagued with bad rolls and generally rotten luck. Not to mention that Mice and Mystics is also quite a difficult game; just like any good Cooperative game should be.

Well it took us 7 games, but we finally beat Mice and Mystics Chapter 1, and then to celebrate we moved on to crush Chapter 2! After a little break from the game, we go on to Chapter 3.

Another game that we have been playing quite recently a lot is The Grizzled. I have always been really interested in WWI as a time period, and this game is a great homage.

Apparently many of the characters in the game are relatives of the game's creators, and of course the old timey French newspaper comic style of the games art makes for wonderful playing experience. It is a simple, excellent and challenging Cooperative game and I would recommend it to anyone.

I will give you guys a proper break down and review soon.

This Friday passed, Elijah and I, in a bit of spontaneity, decided to play a game of Axis and Allies. Now it has been around 3-4 years since I last played this game, so I was a little rusty but it all came back to me!

Actually this was my first time playing a newer version of the game I acquired some years ago. The picture above is from the 2004 edition, which changed the rules. The game is now about controlling a certain number of cities from all over the world, neutral territories are no longer passable and the axis economic victory is no longer an option.

Despite these changes I quite liked the new version, especially addition of two new units: The Destroyer and the Artillery pieces, and the fact that each side has their very own minis reflecting their nations designs.

All in all a great improvement over the 1981 version.

Another game that we got to last week was one that I have owned for many many years: Kolejka.

An award winning game about solidarity era Soviet Poland, Kolejka is a really interesting resource management game. Players compete to complete shopping lists with limited resources, and little idea of what stores will actually have goods in stock.

I really enjoyed playing this game, and will give you a more detailed break down on the blog soon!

This month we have to start getting ready for JADE's next official RPG campaign: Jeff's second run of his Elementia Campaign. Set in a vaguely renaissance era fantasy world, The next chapter of Elementia will be played in 2nd ed. AD&D and will use some of the Mighty Fortress source material which includes awesome rules for fire arms (They ignore any armour bonus to AC!).

Jeff has completely rethought his story and will be taking us on an adventure deep in the magical forests and swamps of Jyr as our army unit is decimated in a surprise attack.

Should be an exciting game!

This week, we plan to take a look at Portal the Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game, and The BAttle at Kembel's Cascade! Pictures and results will be up soon.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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