Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Schismatic Class Light Cruiser

After doing a once over of my Chaos Battlefleet Gothic Fleet, I realised there was a mini taht I never posted! And a pretty neat one at that!

This particular mini comes from Shapeways by GrimDarkBits. These guys have an amazing selection of custom designed BFG ships to fit a variety of different Warhammer Armies.

This mini was originally designed to take the role of a Pre-Heresy Space Marine Strike Cruiser. And I think it is a pretty awesome design for that purpose... But I had something different in mind. When I purchased it. I was going to use it as a Schismatic Class Light Cruiser from the Traitor Fleets PDF.

I think it fits the profile pretty well.

A good fit as far as I am concerned.

Schismatic Light Cruisers are pretty effective weapons. They feature 270 degree forward torpedoes, and port and starboard lances. With 6 Hull Points it is not a bad ship for 125pts.

I have used these ship quite a few times now in game, and I think it would work best with some a few more supporting it along side.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Schismatic Class Light Cruiser Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Schismatic Class Light Cruiser Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 1/13/2016 01:45:00 pm Rating: 5


  1. I got mine today has more detail which material did you choose?

  2. I went with the cheapest one. Funds were a little low back when I got this.