15mm Goblins 3

Well, As I said in 15mm Goblins II, I recently painted 12 15mm goblins! And here are the Next.

These guys are of course from the same pack of 16 goblins you can get over at 15mm Co. for 10 bucks. Worth checking out!

At first they look like slightly more heavily armoured versions of the guys from 15mm Goblins II but you would be wrong. These guys are actually more complex then that, and it is the back of the mini that tells you that.

All four of these minis have a quiver of arrows, and not one of them has a bow, and that got me to thinking. These guys are battle field scavengers. They are like goblins from 2, but maybe these guys have actually been through one fight and have reaped some of the rewards.

Perhaps they defeated a company of long bowman, only to break each of their bows in the fight.

I have been given some hints that the goblins are returning to the land in our Hymns of a Vagabond Campaign, so I am sure these guys will take the field soon.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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