Matt's Sea Harriers

After a few years of searching I finally found a copy of Check Your 6! Jet Age. A title I have been interested in ever since I first played the WWI classic Canvas Eagles. This time however I would be flying jets from 1948-the early 2000's in daring high speed combats. I was excited.

Well my room mate Matt also thought it was really cool, and jumped on board. After quickly looking through the scenarios he chose the Falkland Island Conflict, and ordered the 4 miniatures needed for the the first game of the campaign.

These two Sea Harriers are from Raiden miniatures, and can be found in their 1/285th modern aircraft line.

I also finally found some 1/285th scale transfers for the roundels on each aircraft. We used these planes as our first experiments with them. It was tough, but we got better each time.

Matt really took his time with planes, dry brushing and mixing several colours of grey to give it that used metal look that many planes at sea get quite quickly. I think he did a great job with them!

I am really looking forward to playing this game, and as you can see underneath, our Hotz Mat with 3" hexes has arrived so we are ready to go! We just need to get the Argentinians ready, and read the rules...

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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