Matt's Argentinian Dagger V's

To play the first Falkland War scenario in the Check Your 6! Jet Age rulebook, Matt needed two British Sea Harriers, and Two Argentinian Dagger V's. Well the Harriers were done, it was time to finish up those Dagger V's.

First of all however, we needed to find some 1/285th Dagger V's and that took some research. You see, A Dagger V is the export model of an Israeli IAI Nesher Jet, which is of course a copy of the  French Dassault Mirage 5... You following? So all we had to do was find some Dassault Mirage 5's and we were good to go. Luckily Raiden Miniatures had just the model.

So these planes are French Dassault Mirage 5 Models, that Matt painted with Argentinian Colours to turn them into Dagger V's. We were both really impressed with the profile of these jets, and as Matt put it "They really look like jets." And I know what he means.

The transfers for the Argentinian Roundels are from the same source as the British ones: Minibits. Though we found these ones did not work as well. And of course being so light are hard to see.

Despite that, I really like the look of these jets, and look forward to using them in our first game of Check Your 6! Jet age... Because I already know Matt is going to be British.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

Matt's Argentinian Dagger V's Matt's Argentinian Dagger V's Reviewed by JADE Gaming on 1/27/2016 02:05:00 pm Rating: 5


  1. These telescoping magnets are spectacular! What are they and where do they come from?

    1. They come from and are called omni stands. They have just about everything to cover your all of your Miniature Aircraft/Spacecraft basing needs.